The creation of an aesthetically pleasing Asian face requires thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the Asian facial skeleton as well as an appreciation of the Asian ideals of beauty.

A symmetrical eyelid crease with smooth, firmly attached skin overlying the tarsus, and mobile, loosely attached skin above the level of the crease is aesthetically appealing in Asians.

The objective of the double eyelid plasty is to create a natural appearing fold on the upper eyelid, and to make the eyes appear larger, brighter and more expressive. The goal is to fashion a natural and graceful double eyelid to create the ideal Asian beauty and not to westernize the Asian eyelid.

The Primary objective of aesthetic rhinoplasty in Asian is to create a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing nasal contour, which is well proportioned to the overall facial features. The ideal Asian nose should fit the Asian face. Creation of a Caucasian-appearing nose on the Asian face will not result in harmony and equilibrium.

An appreciation of the Asian concept of beauty is required in order to practice Asian cosmetic surgery. In addition to the surgeon's aesthetic sense, imagination, and creativity, the surgeon's training and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery are absolute requirements.

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